Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Food Sign Ups---Induction Recital

December 3 6:30

Now last year the induction recital took place in the band room. This year we have a new idea:
It will be in the cafeteria and the performers will be on the stage-type thing used for DJs at the dances. TriM members and parents will sit at tables around the stage.
We will need food and supplies for after the concert:

apple cider, decor, icicle lights- Erica
invitations- Joe and Jackie
1 dozen donuts (not munchkins)- Kevin
1 dozen donuts- Kevin
1 dozen donuts- Kevin
napkins- Sam P
cups- Brad
sugar cookies- Joe C
sugar cookies- Eric
pumpkin bread- Lauren
blue balloons- Julia


Lauren said...

I will bring a pumpkin bread/muffins if people want it hahah

kevin said...

I'll bring 4 dozen donuts to the recital. What kind? Powdered?

Julia Ariola said...

I think we decided on 3 dz donuts- but if you think we need more thats fine. And powdered is good, but if you want I think cinnimon is less messy..
anything you get is fine though.

Joe C said...

ill get some sugar cookies =D