Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Next Meeting

O.K. so as everyone probably heard there was no TriM meeting tuesday due to conflicts with other meetings, so our meeting for this month will be on Monday Dec. 15 (next monday)
If you know you wont be able to be there please comment or tell an officer ASAP.

Good luck to everyone in band and chorus for the concert wed!
And for new inductees remember that the Induction ceremony is this thurs. 12/11 and to wear white and black.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Next Meeting

Please remember to bring in whatever items you signed up for, or notify an officer ASAP.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday Dec. 9

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Food Sign Ups---Middle School Concert

December 17th 7:00

OK so you know how the Middle School kids have never had a reception after their concert like we do? Well they will this year.
We will also be selling 50/50 raffle tickets before the concert and during intermission and the winner will be announced after. At the reception the new band/chorus will also be sold.

These are the things we need:
brownies- Eric
brownies- Jackie
brownies- Briana
brownies- Brad
cookies- Joe C
cookies- Aaron
cookies- Eric
cupcakes- Lauren
cupcakes- Joe C
punch- Joe P
chocolate pretzels- Erica
cups/plates- Brad
napkins- Jackie
2 Liter sprite- Kevin
2 Liter sprite- Kevin
2 Liter sprite- Kevin
other soda- Sam P
other soda- Aleks

***Reminder: each plate of food/drink is 1 hour worth of community service for the tri-m requirement***

Food Sign Ups---Induction Recital

December 3 6:30

Now last year the induction recital took place in the band room. This year we have a new idea:
It will be in the cafeteria and the performers will be on the stage-type thing used for DJs at the dances. TriM members and parents will sit at tables around the stage.
We will need food and supplies for after the concert:

apple cider, decor, icicle lights- Erica
invitations- Joe and Jackie
1 dozen donuts (not munchkins)- Kevin
1 dozen donuts- Kevin
1 dozen donuts- Kevin
napkins- Sam P
cups- Brad
sugar cookies- Joe C
sugar cookies- Eric
pumpkin bread- Lauren
blue balloons- Julia

Food Sign Ups---TriM Tapping

November 25th during school
Please bring all items to Miss Polak before school that day.

Please sign up for whatevery you can bring in. Tapping will be on November 25th and this is for the ceremony in the library.

brownies- Briana
brownies- Aleks
chocolate chip cookies- Joe C
muffins- Lauren

Comment to sign up and I'll try to update the list asap

Official Meeting Schedule

Reminder: ALL meetings are mandatory and ALL in the band room

Next Meeting: Monday November 10th

Tuesday December 9th
Tuesday January 13th
Tuesday February 10th
Tuesday March 10th
Tuesday April 14th
Tuesday May 12th
Tuesday June 9th

Friday, October 10, 2008


Hey everyone,

If you didn't see the comments, the meetings will be held the second tuesday of every month in the band room. ALL meetings are mandatory. So, if you know you cannot attend, please tell an officer ASAP.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome Back

Hi everyone. So were back to school and hopefully Tri-M meetings will be starting shortly.
Good luck this year, and please come to the friday football games to support the Pep Band!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Final Guitar Hero Tournament date

April 11 is the final date for the Guitar Hero Tournament, and it will go from 7-10pm-ish depending on how long it takes to finish. We are working on hooking up one game to the screen in the auditorium, but the game consol would have to been up in the box. If you have an idea to do this let us know.

We need people to sign up for selling tickets during lunch. It will start mon. april 7th to thurs. april 10. We will probably need two people per lunch period.
Mon. (4/7) Day 3
Tues. (4/8) Day 4
Wed. (4/9) Day 5
Thurs. (4/10) Day 6
Comment to sign up anywhere you can.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Date for Guitar Hero

Ok- it looks like we planned the tournament on the same day as the talent show, so the tournament will be moved to March 7th.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Next Meetings

The next Tri-M meeting is on 2-12. Bring poster supplies to make the Guitar Hero signs.
The meeting after that will be on 2-28 right before the tournament to finish anything we need.

Guitar Hero Tournament

Ok- so the guitar hero tournament was approved by Mr. Dewar, the date is set at 2-29, and it will go from 7-10. We will be selling tickets during lunches from 2-25 to 2-28, so if you see a blank space on a day where you have that lunch, please sign up.

Mon. 2-25 Day 4
1. Kevin + Jackie
2. Erica +
4. Julia +

Tues. 2-26 Day 5
1. Erica +
2. Jackie + Julia
3. Aleks + Amanda

Wed. 2-27 Day 6
2. Doug + Kim
3. Kevin +
4. Erica + Julia

Thurs. 2-28 Day 1
1. Kevin + Jackie